Impacting the Community

Meet Andrea Stewart-Litchfield, President, Director of Operations, and an owner of the newly opened, local fitness center – Impact Athletic Center in Halfmoon, NY. 

Growing up in Troy and a graduate of Siena College, Andrea was familiar with the area and knew the need for an athletic center that was close by. She had the vision to create a fitness center that would cater to the needs of sports teams and members alike. Her vision for Impact was inspired by her experiences as a volleyball mom. For years, she spent time driving her daughters to different facilities and gyms for their tournaments and noticed the shortcomings of these facilities. She saw the lack of space and accommodations for families and the long tournaments often left her waiting in her car for hours. She aimed to create an all-inclusive fitness center that would cater to the needs of sports teams, coaches, members, and families.

Building an 80,755 sqft fitness center from scratch is a monumental task, and doing it during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more challenging. Despite the obstacles, they were able to make it happen and bring a much-needed fitness center to the Halfmoon community.

Creating a large and multifunctioning fitness center like Impact required a team effort. Her partners at Impact are a group of dedicated sports and business professionals who were crucial to bringing her vision to life. They bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to the table, making sure that the center is inclusive and welcoming to all. 

The Land

Pictured here is Andrea on a pile of dirt that would soon be Impact Athletic Center.

When asked where the name Impact Athletic Center came from she said, “I wanted to make an impact on individuals, the community and God’s Kingdom.”  Since opening its doors in October, Impact has hosted a variety of events including youth and adult volleyball and basketball tournaments, wrestling, gymnastics and cheer events, and a signing with World Series Champion and Atlanta Brave’s pitcher, Ian Anderson.

The building of the wooden floors at Impact Athletic Center

The Build

This photo shows Andrea holding a wooden floorboard during the construction of the courts at Impact Athletic Center.

As soon as you step into Impact, you are greeted by a welcoming area and friendly staff. The fitness center is inclusive and caters to all ages, from teenagers, young adults to retirees. There’s something for everyone at Impact, including basketball and volleyball courts for open play and tournaments.

On the main floor, directly to the left, is the Courtside Grille restaurant which hosts Trivia night on Thursday. As you head upstairs, there is a 360-degree view of all the courts, as well as seating for family and friends. For the kids, there is an arcade and a golf simulator room. And for those who are looking to host bigger events, Impact also offers space for vendors to purchase booth space.

Impact Athletic Center is truly a gem in our neighborhood, exemplifying that with the support of a dedicated team, strong belief and hard work, no dream is unattainable.